Cheaper than air, faster than water: railroad cargo transportation from China

People’s Republic of China is the world’s largest manufacturer of goods. Our Eastern partner produces almost everything – from pins to cars. Railroad transportation from China is becoming more and more popular. Are you planning to expand your business? Aerostar will help you handle delivery of goods from the Celestial Empire.

Supply of goods from China determines success of business. Transportation of cargo by motor vehicles for such distances is disadvantageous in all respects; therefore, it is used solely for final distribution of goods. As a result, the customer has three options:

  • Air transportation. The quickest and the most expensive method.
  • Transportation by sea. The longest and the cheapest method.
  • Railroad transportation from China – intermediate option between the first two. It is 2-3 times more expensive than transportation by sea, but also 2-3 times faster.

If you don’t want to wait for too long, choose railroad. It is less dependent on weather conditions than other means of communication and therefore may organize profitable business with predictable supply conditions.

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Silk road passes through Minsk

First trains from China came to Europe in 2010. Geographically, the territory of our Eastern partner is uneven – large cities are located close to the coastline, while development of deserted inland regions lags behind. Delivery of goods from China by railroad became a great aid for economic rise of the country’s western regions.

Chinese government adopted a program of subsidizing problematic regions. Funds were directed to construction and improvement of railways. The development took place in several stages:

  • In 2013, railway connection between Zhengzhou and Hamburg was established. Half of Europe served as transit states. Consolidated loads and containers were delivered to Poland and then to Belarus by motor roads.
  • In 2016, transportation of loads to Minsk by railroad began. They were delivered to Brest and then to Minsk by motor vehicles.
  • In 2018, international consoles (consolidated load services) in Chongqing and Changsha opened direct delivery to Minsk. Before that, one train per week was assigned for railroad transportation from China; today, we are talking about two trains per day.

An important factor in improving the speed of transportation was the use of replaceable wheel pair. While it used to take a lot of time to reload containers from narrow gauge cars to wide gauge cars and back, now no more than one day is required for it. Your cargo is delivered to Minsk within the specified term and unloaded at the temporary storage warehouse. Punctuality is the politeness of the kings of business!

Why do you need aerostar?

Container trains are formed on three consoles – Zhengzhou, Chongqing and Changsha. Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia serve as transit countries on the way to the Republic of Belarus. Therefore, Zabaikalsk, Dostyk and Zymyn-Uud transition points are used. The scheme of movement organized by Aerostar looks as follows:

Offer in facts and numbers

  • Delivery by full 40 ft containers and consolidated loads directly to Minsk.
  • Transit time of cargo movement is about 16 days. The time of cargo movement from Zhengzhou to Brest is 11-12 days; 3-4 more days are required for delivery to Minsk. Railway cars from Chongqing and Changsha are transported directly to Minsk, which takes 15-15 days.
  • Loading capacity of containers is up to 24 tons without additional costs from the customer.
  • Railroad delivery of cargo from China is possible with formation of a consolidated container from several consignees. Flexible rates are based on payment of the actually occupied container space. You don’t have to pay for air.
  • We will solve all accompanying customs tasks, releasing you from paperwork.
  • Possibility of organizing movement of goods on Belarus – China direction.

In comparison with delivery by sea, transportation by railroad is characterized by a smaller number of loading and unloading operations. You pay less for the service without the risk of damaging your property.

How much does it cost?

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