When is groupage freight beneficial?

In economic terms, groupage freight is better when:

перевозка сборных грузов

  • business scale requires small batches of goods;
  • you operate in a dynamic market segment with changing sales volumes;
  • the delivery of custom-made items and piece goods is required;
  • the assortment consists of several types of goods from different manufacturers;
  • the assortment consists of several types of goods from different manufacturers;
  • freight consolidation is required.

If any of these statements apply you, then groupage freight is the perfect solution! freight transportation from single items to palletized freight at a suitable time and minimal cost is Aerostar job!

Fleet vehicles of Aerostar LLC

описание Volkswagen Crafter 50

Volkswagen Crafter 50 tilt-covered

Weight limit 2.5 t

Tilt 4600х2190х2200 (reaches the ground)



описание Volkswagen Crafter 50 цельнометаллический

Volkswagen Crafter NF 35 Kasten long wheelbase

Weight limit 1.5 t

Approximate pricing

This pricing is approximate! For a more detailed calculation, use our form or contact us by phone.

1 pallet 120х80 2 pallet 120х80 3 pallet 120х80 export up to 2 t
East Germany 180 euro 300 euro 400 euro 450 euro
West Germany 200 euro 350 euro 450 euro 500 euro
South of Germany 250 euro 350 euro 450 euro 550 euro
Belgium 250 euro 350 euro 450 euro 550 euro
Netherlands 250 euro 350 euro 450 euro 600 euro

Total delivery cost

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transportation of groupage freight with aerostar

Aerostar is one of the leading logistics operators with the status of an international carrier.

The facts speak for us:

  • we have our own fleet of vehicles to reduce your costs and allow you to work without third parties;
  • our staff includes customs agents, who provide consultations and assistance during transportation of the freight across the border which reduces the time of freight transportation;
  • we have been working successfully on the market for more than 25 years: we are experienced in solving a huge number of logistics issues;
  • we offer a reasonable quotation and an additional package of services for a beneficial cooperation!

All of the above allows Aerostar to work successfully in the following spheres:

  • assistance in execution of customs documentation;
  • development of the route with the consideration of the peculiarities of the legislation and the geography of the country of destination;
  • informing the client about compliance with a freight transportation schedule;
  • control at points of loading/unloading;
  • consolidation of the freight being transported;
  • customs clearance in Minsk.

It is beneficial to work with us!

The specialists of our company will inform you about the price of the necessary transport and logistical services, if you contact them. Aerostar employees will help you calculate the cost of delivery from European countries with different routes, volumes and loading points, as well as find out the separate cost of freight transportation. You can adjust the road transportation schedule for the most convenient loading of goods and clarify the freight delivery time to the destination point.

Transportation of small and small-volume freights, delivery of small batches of goods and piece goods becomes an easy task maintaining the necessary pace of your business!

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