Any growing business is constantly looking for new markets, product suppliers, and partners. Companies and enterprises often face the need to deliver freight from Europe. High turnover is one of the main levers in commercial relations between different countries. Freight transportation serves as the main link in these relations.

Aerostar delivers freight from europe on client’s favorable terms

  • Development of a supply chain for each freight (route development). We take into account delivery time, features of the freight, the legislation and the geographical position of the country of destination.
  • You can order transportation of groupage freight from Europe. The company’s specialists exercise control at the loading and unloading points.
  • Highly qualified managers will help you with customs clearance.
  • Freight is delivered from Europe according to the schedule. We guarantee the efficiency of work regardless of the complexity of the route.
  • The company’s specialists provide expert consultation and assistance during transportation of your freight all along the way.

Groupage freight from europe: when is it beneficial

This type of transportation is very popular when:

  • freight consolidation is required;
  • the client needs the delivery of piece goods.

Groupage freight transportation from Europe may also be required in the case of delivery of a small batch of goods or several types of goods from different manufacturers. Clients order this service when the goods are assembled at remote loading points.

Advantages of groupage freight transportation from europe are the following

  • it is possible to deliver small batches of goods/raw materials;
  • it is possible to deliver small batches of goods/raw materials;
  • fast and safe delivery.

If you are interested in groupage freight from Europe, call the contact numbers indicated on the website. The company’s managers will answer all your questions, calculate the cost of transportation, and provide you with expert consultation.