One of the services provided by “Aerostar” is customs registration of goods. In this field we have been working for more than ten years. We established a reputation of a reliable and highly professional customs agent. Our customs department is located in National airport “Minsk”. In case of need with the help of our partners we can offer our services at Minsk regional custom-house. Among our clients there are big firms, government enterprises, banks, foreign companies. We have certified personnel with many years of practice in this field.

We can offer:

  • all kinds of customs registration formalities
  • customs declaration
  • consultation in the field of tariff legislation and monetary regulation
  • developing of the most suitable schemes of foreign-economic activity
  • individual approach and reasonable prices

Total delivery cost

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Company “Aerostar” offers full service for export goods. We will pick up cargo at your warehouse, deliver it to the airport, stow it at bonded warehouse, carry out all customs formalities and taking into account your wishes transport it to any airport of the world or directly to the consignee.


Customs clearance of imported goods is rather complicated for the consignee. Defining customs cost and calculating customs duties of the goods usually is not enough. Possibility of applying non-tariff regulating measures such as licensing, fixing a quota, fixing a minimal price should be taken into consideration. Also it should be remembered that certificate of conformance and various kinds of permissions may be needed. To avoid all this complications we offer our help. You can choose the most suitable form of cooperation either full customs clearance or just declaration and consulting on necessary issues.


Goods which are in transit often require ensuring of customs duties payment, so called bank guarantee. However, an easy way out is using a bonded truck. Company “Aerostar” offers such service and guarantees timely delivery of cargo.