Air transportation: international air transportation of cargo by Aerostar LLC

Our advantages:

  • Agency agreements entered into with airlines BELAVIA, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa Cargo, Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways, AirBaltic, Czech Airlines mean the delivery of cargo from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world at special rates
  • Business contacts with the largest forwarding companies means the door-to-door shipping
  • The office located in Minsk International Airport and the availability of customs clearance staff means efficiency
  • Own vehicle fleet and registration in the register of customs carriers mean convenient delivery of cargo to the airport
  • Cargo insurance at acceptable tariff rates
  • IATA Certificate for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods

You can use our form to make an approximate calculation of the cost.

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How to ship the cargo

    • Request. Fill out the form Find out the Cost of Delivery for shipping on our website.
    • Provide all the required information:
      1. the address and name of the consignor,
      2. the address and name of the consignee,
      3. the nature of the cargo (weight, dimensions),
      4. please be sure to specify your e-mail!
      5. in the comment box – the number of cargo packages, you can indicate the cost of the cargo for insurance, we will receive all information by e-mail and if you indicated your phone number, then our managers will contact you as soon as possible.
    • Call. For a FAST individual calculation, please contact us at the indicated phone numbers. Our specialists will organize the delivery of the cargo using the most optimal route as soon as possible, as well as provide online monitoring of the movement of the cargo along the entire route and informing about the status of the cargo.
    • Delivery to the airport. To deliver the cargo to the cargo complex of Minsk National Airport (you can do it independently or you can entrust this to us). Having our own vehicle fleet allows us to deliver cargo to/from Minsk National Airport, including customs transit of cargo without providing financial guarantees to the customs authorities of the Republic of Belarus (we are registered in the register of customs carriers under No. TP-0500/0000044).
    • Cargo packaging: there are no special requirements and restrictions, however, the packaging must exclude the possibility of damage to the cargo during its reloading, must not have protruding sharp parts that can damage the aircraft skin or cause injury, and must be properly marked.
    • Size. Weight. The maximum weight of one package allowed for carriage by air without additional approvals depends on the type of aircraft – each has its own parameters of the cargo compartment and, accordingly, each has its own restrictions on the minimum/maximum parameters of the package. If you have any questions related to exceeding the norms for the weight or dimensions of the cargo, it is better for you to contact the managers of our organization for advice.
    • Customs clearance. To agree on the required package of documents for customs clearance. The office of our company located on the territory of Minsk National Airport and the availability of specialists in customs clearance in the staff will allow you to quickly resolve all issues related to the handling and transportation of cargo, registration of customs and accompanying documents.


    1. Freight forwarding agreement
    2. Request for air transportation
    3. Declaration of cargo safety
    4. Declaration of dangerous goods
    5. Air waybill (approved form)
    6. Resolution of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Belarus
    7. Declaration of cargo safety
  • Insurance. To ensure reliable air transportation, we offer cargo insurance, since air transportation rates and the preparation of an air waybill do not automatically insure the cargo. According to the norms of the Warsaw Convention, the carrier’s property liability is limited. Payments for damage or loss of cargo are up to 20 USD per kg. In order to compensate for damage in full, we offer our clients to insure their cargo at acceptable tariff rates.
  • Dangerous goods. Our IATA Certificate for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air will allow you to deliver dangerous goods by air, in particular, equipment with batteries, varnishes and/or deodorants in aerosols, printing paints and other dangerous goods. We draw your attention to the fact that the consignor, when filling out a request for air transportation of cargo, is responsible for declaring dangerous cargo in order to avoid the risk of harm to human health and fines by the aviation authorities.

How to independently calculate the cost of transportation

The cost of cargo transportation depends on the nature of the cargo, its weight, flight route, urgency, etc. Typically, the cost of transportation can be calculated as follows:

cost = tariff per kg x qty. kg + additional charges (security charge, fuel charge, air waybill charge, special charges).

There is also a minimum freight rate (charge) that is the minimum paid cost of transportation, which consists of the minimum paid weight + additional charges. The minimum freight rate differs from airline to airline and can range from 8 to 30 kg.

In addition to weight, the cost of transportation further depends on volume.

It is about volumetric weight. In accordance with the applicable rules, a measurement cargo is a cargo 1 kg of which occupies a volume of more than 6,000 cubic cm, i.e. weight of one cub. meter of cargo must be at least 167 kg. To calculate the volumetric weight, the following formula is adopted:

Volumetric weight = length x width x height (in cubic cm) / 6,000. If the value calculated by the formula exceeds the actual (gross) weight of the cargo, then the payment for transportation is charged based on the volumetric weight.

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