доставка грузов из германииAerostar will deliver your freight from Germany fast and safe.

The freight is delivered from Germany by road. The company’s own fleet of vehicles will significantly save your expenses on intermediary services. Skilled specialists will select a vehicle for your goods/raw materials.

Advantages of freight delivery from germany at aerostar

сборные грузы из германии

  • The company uses modern delivery schemes, develops optimal routes for each type of freight.
  • The clients can order groupage freight from Germany. The service is relevant for business owners who need to deliver small batches of goods, piece goods or several groups of goods from different manufacturers.
  • In the course of work, the legislation and peculiarities of the country of destination are taken into account. Your freight will be delivered on time.
  • The company provides services for the consolidation and customs clearance of the freight following a designated route.

We guarantee a reasonable cost of freight delivery from germany. Service price depends on the following

  • delivery time;
  • freight type.

Before you order freight delivery from Germany, we suggest you calculate the cost of the service. Fill in the correspondent electronic form and send it to our managers. Aerostar specialists will promptly calculate the cost of freight transportation.

When choosing a carrier for groupage freight from germany, pay attention to

  • company’s experience;
  • package of services offered and their cost;
  • the fact, if there are customs agents on the staff;
  • reputation in the market of freight transportation services.

For more detailed information on the freight delivery from Germany call the contact numbers indicated on the website. The company’s managers will provide you with expert consultation.