The fastest and most reliable way to deliver your cargo to its destination is by air. Aircraft can move various types of goods, materials and substances, including those falling under the definition of “dangerous goods”. Transportation allows to significantly increase the speed of transactions with the highest safety of the transported nomenclature, which guarantees timeliness and cost savings in the contemporary market.

What you need to know about the air transport of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods include the following:

    • explosive substances;
    • gases in various states of aggregation (liquefied, solid, in containers);
    • flammable liquid materials;
    • solids that actively support combustion and are capable of spontaneous combustion and materials that can release toxic chemicals when burning or in contact with a liquid;
    • chemical and organic substances that produce an active reaction with atmospheric oxygen;
    • poisons and dangerous bacteria;
    • radiation hazardous materials;
    • alkaline and acidic materials;
    • any mordant substances and materials.

According to international standards, a total of 9 classes of hazardous substances have been classified which are assigned to cargo depending on their properties and qualities.

Any air transportation of such cargo is accompanied by a number of standard procedures:

    • compliance with the requirements for the packaging of dangerous goods;
    • assignment of hazard class to cargo and labeling;
    • filling out special accompanying documents.

All air transportation of dangerous goods is subject to the regulations of international law and is governed by the relevant transport instructions. It should also be borne in mind that each class of hazardous substances must correspond to an individual standardized type of packaging.

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Who to contact when you need air transportation of dangerous goods?

Transportation of dangerous goods by air becomes easier if you are assisted by a professional operator. When you contact us, we provide you with the following:

  • customization of each air transportation;
  • a large number of transport directions;
  • assistance in preparing documentation;
  • advice on the classification and marking of cargo;
  • completing and packaging;
  • coordination of the route schedule and selection of the most suitable air transport;
  • the ability to track the routing stages of the cargo.

Only those companies and organizations that have certified specialists in their staff who have undergone specialized training and education are entitled to transport dangerous goods. Such strict rules provide the necessary safety and are a guarantee of high-quality and timely transportation of your commodity and material valuables!